Sights You Must See

Nothing looks better than Sacre Coeur against a blue Parisian sky on Sunday mornings
Versailles has to be the best house in the World in my humble opinion. I have been lucky enough to see it from the air with the view straight down to The Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Also a wonderful town
Place de la Concorde at the bottom of The Champs Elysee never fails to make me gasp
If you have a strong stomach then drive along the top of The Gorges du Verdon in Southern France, just don't look down on the bends

The cathedral in Barcelona that has been being built for over 100 years is a wonderful place to visit as the artisans are still at work on it

Visit Venice in the Mist if at all possible. It is magical
In the town of Vinci in Northern Tuscany is the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum. See his inventions such as a bicycle with a leather loop chain - amazing stuff in a fabulous setting
Take the Apennine Road into Rome. You will pass mind boggling Roman buildings and structures and the road itself still has the same cobbled surface.
The Landscape of Southern Tuscany. It is surreal due to the fact that the winds blow away to top soil to create these smooth, rolling hills.
The Chianti Region of Tuscany. If you see a row of Cypress Trees you can bet it will lead to a fabulous house
The Towers of San Gimignano in Tuscany. It is known as the Manhattan of Italy and it truly looks so
The Ligurian Coast is one of the most stunning on the Med. Easier to get there from sea than by road. The motorway runs along the top of the cliffs with hundreds of tunnels.
If you are visiting Milan then think about staying in Bergamo, just 50 kilometers away. From City Alta (on the hill) you have fabulous views from whichever way you look

The Judenplatz Memorial in Vienna. A visit that will stay in your mind forever. After all the perpetrator of all the horror was from this city.

The UK
The Northumberland National Park is the most peaceful place in England - it's official. I live there and can vouch for it
Durham Cathedral. If you can't stop off then see it from the train to Scotland it's a sight you will never forget
The Blinking Eye Bridge in Newcastle upon Tyne. It literally opens and shuts just like a blinking eye to let the ships through
The Scottish Highlands and yes you do see Highland Cattle

The Manhattan Skyline. Must be seen approaching from the 59th Street Bridge. It seems impossible that all those buildings can stand on that small island without it sinking
The Chrysler Building. Just a beautiful structure especially when the sun shines on it
The Sugar Sands of the Gulf of Mexico. Surreal, especially against an emerald green sea
The Smokey Mountains. Before you set off stay in Abingdon