Online Fashion Shops You Must Visit

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TOAST - Simple, elegant very English style one of my all time favorites
ANTHROPOLOGIE - Still yearning for delivery to the UK. So I yearned and YES from January 2008 they ship outside the USA
PAUL SMITH - The master of simple design
VELVET BY GRAHAM & SPENCER - I love the styles that all seem to have that French Chic look about them
CABBAGES & ROSES - Quintessentially English and gorgeous
ENGLISH ECCENTRICS - As it says on the tin
LITTLE FASHION GALLERY - The best place to shop for kids. Beautifully wrapped and ships worldwide from France. I am a regular customer here
VINTAGE KIT- Gorgeous way back when styles for kids
THE HAMBLEDON - London based and very stylish
THE WHITE CO - A British company with a worldwide appeal. Mainly casual and nightwear
VOLLERS CORSETS - Fabulous corsets from this company that has been around for eons but moves with the times
ISABELLA OLIVER - I keep saying - you don't have to be pregnant to wear their clothes
ME ME ME - Fabulous collections of designers handbags, accessories and Pandora jewelry for YOU YOU YOU.
AND GOD CREATED WOMAN - An homage to Brigitte Bardot, the original coquette. Fabulous dressing gowns, slippers etc - sheer luxury.